Get Cash For Your Car With A Bad Credit Title Loan In Fort Worth Texas

We are a title lending company that offers title loans in Fort Worth to those who need money on short notice. If you are from the area and need assistance with quick money, title loans for cars might be your solution. However, it’s imperative to note title loans are only offered for paid off vehicles and you must have the official pink slip to qualify for a title loan in Fort Worth TX.


What Do I Need To Get A Title Loan In Fort Worth TX

If you have an expensive asset such as a vehicle or boat, consider applying for title loans Fort worth today. Before going any further read below to see if title loans Fort Worth might be helpful for you or not!

To get started the main requirement is going to be a car title and necessary documentation of ownership from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. In some situations, you can get preapproved without the actual title simply based on your vehicle condition and lending portfolio. At this point, you can go to the Fort Worth Regional Service Center to request an official copy of your pink slip. Some title lenders in Fort Worth may require that the title is only held by one individual. If this is the case, there are companies in Texas that allow you to get a loan on a vehicle if it has more than one titleholder.

Both online title loan companies in Texas and local regional lenders may ask for proof of income and verification of address such as your most recent bank statement or utility bill. You’ll also need to bring identification such as an ID card or driver’s license.


Payment Terms And Interest Rates To Expect With A Fort Worth Title Loan


After you get approved for a title loan in Fort Worth, you can then see how much the title loan amount is and what your monthly payments will be. Payments on title loans are typically due no later than 30 days after taking out the title loan, however, repayment periods may vary by lender and can be anywhere from a month to a few years based on how much you borrow..

It’s important for borrowers to consider not only the title loan amount they can get but also how much it will cost them in terms of the interest rate. This information should be readily available from any licensed loan company in Texas before signing any agreement or paperwork. A percentage each month that adds up over time is known as APR, which stands for annual percentage rate. The higher an APR is, the more money a borrower can expect to pay for this type of financing and in Texas, these amounts can range from 20% all the way up to 100%!


Vehicle Title Loans Fort Worth TX Local Lenders

You have many options available if you feel inclined to go with a reputable title loan company in the Metro Fort Worth area. In addition to being a large city on its own with multiple finance companies that are looking to offer title loans, there are also numerous cities located in Tarrant County that offer some form of financing for your vehicle title.

You will always have the choice of applying for online title loans in Fort Worth or working with a local company. One option that works well is to get going with your online application from a company like Texas Title Loans. We input all your info and from there figure out the loan options and payoff you qualify for. After you are conditionally approved you will simply take your vehicle and car title to a nearby location to sign the final documents and have your car inspected. This process takes only a few minutes and there are many convenient locations in The Stockyards, Arlington Heights, and also in Downtown Fort Worth where you can get everything signed off!

Meet with our friendly and courteous staff members today and see if a secured loan can work for you! Get your information inputted online and submit all paperwork at the local title lender’s office in Fort Worth. Once you’re approved you can expect your cash within one business day!

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