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You have many choices when getting a loan, and we’re glad you’ve come to our company’s website. Texas Title Loans has been facilitating title loans to Texas residents for years. This company started in 2015 when we realized there was a need for honest and detailed information regarding vehicle equity loans. While we don’t fund car title loans directly, we work with many direct lenders nationwide. This includes online companies and retail lenders in cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to access cash when you need it most, and that’s where our expertise and industry experience comes in. Our goal is to help all Texans better understand what it takes to apply and ultimately to be approved for a title loan.


Our Company’s History In Texas

We have worked with title loan applicants in Texas for nearly nine years. We set up our site to assist you from the start of the application process. It all starts when you decide you need a loan and determine which company best suits your needs, from applying for a loan to getting cash for the pink slip. While we don’t directly fund online title loans, many lending and financial resources are available to Texans. We first recommend that everyone view our Texas title lending laws and regulations page. While we’re not attorneys, and we’re not offering legal advice, we hope that some info on that page will help you better understand what’s allowed in Texas. Check out the Texas State Law Library page if you are looking for legal advice. Or check the site for updated legal regulations regarding car title loans.

Our site also features title loan calculators and dozens of other resources to help you choose the best loan terms. Another aspect of our site is our blog page and loan services information. This page has many useful articles and informational pages that we hope will help anyone who needs a title loan.



I can't thank you enough for how easy you made the entire process.  I was able to apply for financing online and get my cash in just 36 hours.  I didn't expect it would be that simple.

Patrick Semore, Dallas, TX

I was having trouble filling out the online application so I called the phone number listed.  Your agent was very helpful & she walked me through the entire application process.

Jan Miller, Austin, TX

I'm glad I used the equity in my vehicle for a title loan instead of taking out a payday loan with significant fees. Your online representative was helpful and the speed in getting my money was fast.

Robert Smith , El Paso, TX


How We’re Different From Other Title Loan Sites

We differ from most national title loan providers because we focus solely on Texas residents. We know the local rules and regulations and have a lengthy history of expertise and experience in the State. There are dozens of lending locations all over the state, and you need to be informed about each company’s different requirements and loan offers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions about our site or how we can help you get funded. We can also provide different options and avenues for your financial situation. Many consumers come to this site looking for a vehicle equity loan, but not all qualify. Some borrowers don’t have enough equity in their vehicle to be eligible for most online title loans. Others don’t have a clean and clear pink slip. Some always don’t want to use their vehicle as collateral. It may be best to read online reviews and take some time to make an informed decision in a situation like this.

While we don’t directly provide short-term loans, we can often point you in the right direction if you need a cash advance or installment loan company. The same holds if your best option is to go with a bank or low-interest personal loan lender. Once again, we will gladly point you in the right direction if you meet those qualification standards.


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