Borrow Up To $20k From Title Loans With No Credit Check


Yes, it is possible to get car title loans in Texas without going through a hassle of a credit check. The time and hassle involved with most traditional credit checks are annoying and most lenders that offer title loans know that people who apply for this type of funding have bad credit. If they had decent credit they would otherwise have little trouble qualifying for personal loan offers and would obviously go that route. That’s why no credit check title loans are such a great choice for someone with spotty credit that has a newer car to use as collateral for the loan.


How Do No Credit Check Title Loans Work

The way these loans work is that you borrow a set amount of money against the value of your car. You then have a certain amount of time, usually about a year, to pay back the loan plus interest and fees. You’re able to keep driving the vehicle while you pay off the loan and your lender will give back your car title when the loan payments are complete.

One thing to consider if you’re thinking about getting a car title loan is to borrow what you need. These loans are very expensive and can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful. Get multiple quotes and look for the best interest rate and terms. Finally always go the extra mile and negotiate the payment amounts with your lender before you sign anything. Even if your lender is not up to reducing the interest rates, you may get the to help you with other aspects of the loan.


What Is Required To Get A Car Title Loan With No Credit Check

The requirements to get a car title loan with no credit check are not as strict as they are for personal loans or car loans. In most cases, you’ll just need to provide proof of income and residency, your car title, and your driver’s license. You may also be asked to provide proof of car insurance that shows you have enough coverage for full vehicle payoff.

If you have a car that’s newer than 10 years old and in good condition, there should be minimal trouble finding a company in Texas that offers title loans without a credit check. These loans can be a great way to get quick access to cash when you need it and they’re usually much easier to obtain than traditional personal loans. This is because a vehicle is essentially the main requirement for underwriting. Instead of needing a great credit score, it’s more important to have equity in your vehicle. Your car’s value acts as a form of security and the lender knows there’s collateral if you happen to miss future payments or default altogether.


Dont bother with a formal credit check for your title loan.

Loan Amounts & Interest Rates For Title Loans In Texas With No Credit Check

The rates and lending amounts for no credit check title loans in Texas are similar to what we see in other states. Depending on the car you have and the lender you go through, you can expect to borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000 by using your car’s equity.

The interest rates will also vary, but they’re typically higher than traditional car loans or personal loans. This is because there’s more risk for the lender when they’re not doing a credit check. It’s always best to shop around for competitive interest rates and the State of Texas gives you so many different options when choosing a lender. There are numerous companies offering title loans without checking your credit and the hope is that you can find an APR that doesn’t approach 100%. That sounds very high and aggressive of course, but these rates are always going to be high and you can save money by running the different lending estimates through our car title loan calculator to see what best fits your budget and borrowing requirements. The ideal situation is for you to pay off the loan as quickly as possible by working with a lender which allows early payments with no penalty.


Where To Apply For Car Title Loans With No Credit Check

The best place to start when looking for car title loans without a credit check is online. You can do a quick search for car title loans with no credit requirements in Texas and find a handful of helpful lenders who will offer you this type of funding. It’s important to read through the terms and conditions carefully before applying so you know what you’re getting into.

Another great option is to go through a local lender or even see if a neighborhood dealership offers this type of funding. Many local companies in Texas offer no credit check car title loans as a way to help people get cash to handle a financial crisis. This can be a great option if you’re not quite sure where to start or if you have bad credit and have been denied by other lenders.

The team at Texas Title Loans is standing by and ready to help you find out more about 24 hour title loans near me without ever checking credit. We can start your application online or meet with you in person at numerous locations throughout the state.


There's no need to get a title loan that requires a credit check!