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Online Title Loan Requirements In Texas

To qualify for a car title loan in Texas, your pink slip needs to be lien-free, meaning the car is paid off, and your name is on the pink slip. You can’t have a cosigner on the car’s title, and you need an ID to prove you’re also at least 18 years old. Lenders will ask for proof of steady employment or income verification. You’ll also need to prove you’re an official state resident for any lending offer in Texas. With a traditional payday loan, your loan agreement will spell out a set payoff time over months instead of days or weeks. With varying application and approval options, title loans are becoming more popular among borrowers.

What Happens After I Submit An Online Application

Once you complete an application, you can complete the processing and underwriting in about 45 minutes. After signing the contract, the lender holds your car’s title until your loan is paid in full. The amount you borrow is based on the equity of your vehicle and employment status, and each state and local jurisdiction has different rates and requirements on title loans. For instance, Dallas has unique regulations for online title loan companies that offer loans within the city. San Antonio has fewer regulations with title loans, but there are specific rules for applicants to know. You may end up paying higher fees in Texas compared to other states.

Interest Rates & Fees For A Title Loan

Bad credit financing, like online title loans and payday loans in other states, can be expensive and difficult to repay. The interest rate and fees are higher with car title loans as most borrowers have a lower credit score. But, the value of your car suffices for the debt when looking at the ability to repay the loan amount. Expect to pay around $23 in fees per $100 when you take out a vehicle equity loan in Texas on loan amounts of $2,500 and up.  A paid off car title means you own your vehicle in full. Be sure the online company you work with is licensed to do business. This also applies to companies that act as registered credit access businesses in Texas.

How Much Cash I Get With A Vehicle Collateral Loan

You can borrow up to $20,000 with most title loan companies in Texas. Loan amounts will vary significantly based on vehicle conditions and your financial history, with the minimum loan amount starting at around $500. Online title loans are convenient and fast, and you can often complete the application process and get your cash through direct deposit in less than one business day. Even though you don’t need to show full employment, most Texas lenders still require minimal income verification. For collateral loans over $2,000, you may need to provide references and show sufficient monthly income to qualify for guaranteed online approval.

How Long Does To Get My Money After Being Approved For Title Loans In Texas

Expect a quick and hassle free underwriting process with the ultimate goal of getting your money within 24 hours of signing the loan documents. The cash can be sent directly to your bank’s checking or savings account. It can take 1 to 2 business days, depending on if you have the funds sent by ACH or bank wire. You can also pick up the cash in person at any lending location throughout the State. Meeting with a TX lender in person may expedite the processing time, which can sometimes be completed the same day after approval.

Can I Get A Guaranteed Approval Online Title Loan If I Have Bad Credit

You may worry that you won’t be approved for a secured loan if you have a bad credit history. However, unlike someone applying for personal loans with poor credit, Texas offers options for people with poor credit. We can get the money you need and look past your credit score to find an acceptable loan amount and payoff term. Contact us today to learn more about how Texas Title Loans can get your cash, even with bad or no credit! Most qualified borrowers can access up to 50-60% of their vehicle’s resale value with a bad credit title loan!

What If I Have A Loan From Another Company? Can I Apply For A Second Loan?

There’s a chance that you can get another secured loan from a registered title loan company in Texas, but it will likely be bought out or refinanced. A lot depends on how much your car is worth minus how much you owe on the outstanding loan with the other company. If the other loan is more than halfway paid off, the chances of making it work are reasonable. The regulations are constantly changing, so knowing if you’re even allowed to have multiple loans simultaneously is essential. Whatever you do, having more than one title loan at any given time is not ideal, as the interest rates and monthly payments will be very high.

The minimum funding amount for most auto title loans in TX is $2,500. A secured loan will be underwritten to reflect 12 to 36 months’ payoff. The annual percentage rate or “APR” for prime title loans starts at 30% to 36% for Qualified Customers. The maximum CAB for vehicle title loans in Texas is $25 for every $100. Check with a state licensed lender for the latest fee schedule and OCCC notice.