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Finding a decent lender in Arlington is easy. Finding a lender that offers the best payoff terms and APR will take a bit more work, but it will pay off in the future with your loan savings. Even the most prominent lenders are flexible regarding your loan amount and interest, so you should first know how these online title loans work and what you need to get good terms with the best lenders.


How Do Title Loans Work In Arlington Texas & What’s Required

When you take out a car title loan, you are borrowing against the vehicle title for your car. After you’re approved for a title loan you will hand over the pink slip to the lender as collateral. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t take out any other secured loans and you now have to make monthly payments to pay down the amount borrowed.

A licensed lender will hold the vehicle’s pink slip as security while you pay off the loan balance. You can pay off the full amount at any time or according to the set payments and you will get the title back when you have satisfied the loan obligation.


Requirements for Car Title Loans in Arlington TX

The amount of money you can borrow is determined by the vehicle’s current resale value. Funding amounts vary, but most title loans offered to residents in Arlington TX are made for between $2,000 and $15,000. Your vehicle has to be free from liens with a clear title so this is why you place your vehicle up as collateral. You must have a valid driver’s license with no suspensions or revocation to apply for same day funding.

You also have to have a bank account so you can transfer title loan payments each month with direct deposit. A checking account also comes in handy if you want to get the loan proceeds quickly. Some companies will let you pick up the cash in person, at any location in Tarrant County. This is convenient and makes it easy to get cash or a money order that same day. Most Texas lenders though will simply transfer the money to your bank account within one business day.


What Monthly Payment And Interest Rate Should I Expect With A Car Title Loan From A Lender In Arlington

As with any offer for a loan in Arlington TX, you’ll need to submit a form of collateral that shows equity such as an automobile title. The title is only used as collateral and will not be seized if you default on your loan. Also, there’s no pre-payment penalty so you can repay the loan early without penalty or fees. Typically, borrowers can expect to pay anywhere from $15 for every $100 borrowed and up to 150% APR (interest rate). This is typical of major lenders that offer title loans in Texas. You’ll also be charged a fee between $20 and $30 for each $100 borrowed.

The monthly payment for an online title loan will vary and is based on the financing terms you agree to. A typical loan offered to a borrower in Arlington will last from 6 months to 2 years. Many customers feel these rates and monthly payments are reasonable given they’re using their car title as collateral and the loan underwriting process does not involve a typical credit check and bad credit is not going to lead to a denial.


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What Are The Other Benefits That Comes With Online Secured Loans In Arlington TX?

Loans that are offered in Arlington TX can be used to fix your vehicle or pay for emergency expenses. The cost of living is high in Tarrant County and all over Texas really. In certain situations, you simply need to borrow money to pay for unexpected bills.

Another benefit of title loans is that you’ll probably need to provide limited proof of income to qualify for an established line of credit if you have no way to repay the money borrowed. Some companies will release your title after 90 days but others may require 180 days. After which, they’re released only if the title loans are repaid on time and that’s good news for people who are struggling financially.


Why Take Out An Auto Title Loan From A Lender In Arlington

The simple answer is you could use title loans instead of visiting cash advance stores or other online payday loan websites which might not provide much better rates than what you would see from a local company near you! So fill out our online form or contact us at 844-243-3195 to start on your application.


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