Auto Title Loans In El Paso Texas

Same day title loans are an option for anyone in El Paso looking to borrow cash using their car’s equity. Your car’s equity is used to secure the funding amount, and you’ll pay off the loan over five months to 3 years.

Texas Title Loans has offered access to title loans in Texas for nearly eight years, and we’re proud to work with direct lenders in El Paso that can get you cash within 24 hours or less. All we need to process your application is a paid off vehicle and proof of income. We’ll underwrite the lending offer and connect you with a local company offering a decent rate and funding term.


Requirements For A Title Loan In El Paso

To be approved for title loans in Texas, you must have the title of an eligible vehicle paid off. The loan amount varies based on the make and model of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Expect more cash with a newer model vehicle, but most cars with low miles can qualify. Also, sometimes older cars are worth more because they’re rare and have a higher resale value!


Get Funded With A Direct Lender In El Paso:

– If your car’s pink slip is in your spouse’s name, you might not qualify at some companies. Get with a few lenders before applying so that you know what requirements must be met.

– Have All the documents ready to be sent for underwriting. The faster you send in the docs, the quicker we can get you pre-qualified!

– Don’t worry if you can’t make a payment by the due date. Just get the extension forms sent out ASAP! Online Title loan extensions are usually free if you get them within 24 hours of missing your payment. A loan deferment allows you to pay money after that timeframe has passed. In this scenario, you risk losing the vehicle to repossession because of late title loan payments.


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Do I Need Good Credit To Qualify For A Title Loan Offered By An El Paso Lender

Most borrowers who get approved have bad credit, and that’s okay. Car title loans are for people with no credit or poor credit, as the lender mainly wants to see enough equity or collateral in your car. Any licensed lender in Texas must abide by state and county regulations that mandate credit checks and how they use your personal information to make lending decisions. The main requirement is that your vehicle is paid off, and you need to be able to prove it with the title.


The Title Loan Approval Process And How To Get Your Cash

Getting cash with a car title loan in El Paso, TX, doesn’t require much effort. Just submit your application online or stop by any local office. A handful of companies are open weekdays and weekends in the Five Point and Central El Paso areas. A handful of direct lenders also have offices near the Rio Grande and Southern Border. You’ll need to provide the correct and updated paperwork for your vehicle with any local lender you work with. After you submit all this information, we will quickly check your vehicle history to determine what you qualify for once everything else is approved.

Contact Texas Title Loans at 844-243-3195  to apply for a secured loan! Apply with our online application or meet with us in person at any available location throughout El Paso County.


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