Online Car Title Loans In San Antonio

Texas Title Loans has a few convenient locations in San Antonio where you can meet with us in person and get a fast cash title loan. Our office in Alamo Heights allows you to submit all the paperwork in person and even complete the vehicle inspection on that same visit. We’re still fully staffed and ready to help customers who call in and have questions about financing options in Texas.


We Offer Fast Cash With Title Loans In San Antonio

We are known as one of the best companies to deal with when you decide to move forward with an online title loan in Texas. We’ve been in business since 2014, and our sole focus is on secured lending. Qualified residents who live in the San Antonio Metro area can apply for a loan using the collateral in their vehicle. The amount of money you get from secured loans varies, but it’s often based on the vehicle’s current value.

The price range for online title loans can vary from store to store and with the many title loan companies near you. The actual price, including all fees, minus the original funding amount, is what you will be paying back on your loan. Regardless of what the requirements are, you can still get approved entirely online, without having to meet with anyone or provide extra documents. As a holder of a clean and clear vehicle title, now is the best time to contact one of these lenders, or just go to a local finance company and see what they will offer for your pink slip.


What Can I Expect With A Title Loan In San Antonio

In almost all scenarios you will need to submit basic information that proves your identity and financial information. Most lenders will be ok at first with pictures and documents that show proof of ownership and vehicle information.San Antonio can be a great place to get cash by using your vehicle equity. Ultimately, your vehicle will need to be inspected and this can be done in person at our San Antonio location. The inspection and paperwork will be signed off by one of our friendly customer service agents. In other situations, you may have a registered notary agent sign off on the necessary documents.

Some title lenders in San Antonio may ask for additional items in order to complete the loan process. However, title loan companies are very fast and efficient, even for first-time applicants. Some companies claim they will approve clients without providing any information on the job, credit history, or cash down payment. However, this is rare and often is only said to get you to fill out an online application for a bad credit title loan. In reality, any direct lender will need to view the vehicle in-person to check for damage or other problems. An inspection allows them to verify the vehicle exists and is worth the amount you claim.


Current Restrictions for Title Loan Companies in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio has restrictions in place that limit the number of fees a lender can charge you. These differ from state and federal restrictions and it’s important to stay up to date on recent citywide changes. As of 2022, the city code limits title loan amounts to amounts lower than 3% of the applicant’s gross income. Also, any lender operating within the city limits will need a valid Registration Certificate from the city to conduct business.


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Get up to $25k with a from a title loan provider in San Antonio.