Online Car Title Loans In San Antonio TX

Texas Title Loans works with eligible customers in San Antonio, and we can typically match you with a local company in less than one hour. That means you can get approved and funded for a title loan in 24 hours or less, with loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. You can get approved with poor credit, and all we need is a paid off vehicle with proof of employment for you to qualify.


We Offer Fast Cash With Title Loans In San Antonio

We are one of the best companies to deal with when you decide to take out an online title loan in Texas. We’ve been in business since 2014, and our company focuses only on title loans. Qualified residents who live in the San Antonio Metro area can apply for a loan using the collateral in their vehicle, and everything can be done online or by calling 844-243-3195. The money you get from secured loans varies, but it’s often based on the vehicle’s current value. Expect a loan amount of $1,000 for vehicles valued at $4,000 or less. Newer cars and SUVs can lead to a funding amount of nearly $10,000!


San Antonio Title Loans With Bad Credit

Texas Title Loans offers some of the lowest rates for title loans, and you won’t need good credit to qualify. Unlike a personal loan, we won’t spend much time looking at your credit history; instead, the focus will be on the equity from your vehicle. Borrowers with FICO scores under 600 can still qualify for a title loan if their car is paid off in their name and registered in Texas. So don’t worry about your poor credit history when you apply with us!

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Requirements To Expect With A Title Loan In San Antonio

In almost every scenario, you need a lien free vehicle title and proof that the car is registered and insured in your name. The car can’t have any cosigners, as you must sign over the pink slip to your lender. The vehicle must be entirely paid off, and the lender will hold this document as collateral for the loan.

Other requirements can include proof of income, usually in the form of income statements or bank records showing you have enough money coming in to handle the monthly payments. You will probably need to bring in the vehicle for a brief inspection, which can be done at your home or any authorized inspection location in Alamo Heights or near the River Walk. The inspection will take 30 minutes or less, and after that, you’ll agree to a lending term, and then you can pick up your cash from any lending location in San Antonio.


Current Restrictions for Title Loan Companies in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio has restrictions that limit the fees a lender can charge you. These differ from state and federal restrictions, and staying updated on recent citywide changes is essential. San Antonio city codes limit title loan amounts to less than 3% of the applicant’s gross income. Also, any lender operating within the city limits will need a valid Registration Certificate from the city to conduct business.

Start your online application or call 844-243-3195 today with Texas Title Loans and see how much you can borrow. We offer fast online approval, and most customers can qualify using a vehicle worth at least $3,000!


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